Proxy is a specialized tool that disguises your real IP address in a public network to conceal your identity online. These tools offer you complete anonymity while you perform your normal online activities. VPNs and proxies function by redirecting your normal internet traffic through their private servers thereby masking you internet protocol (IP) address from your website and the internet host. Hence when your ISP attempts to determine your location, it will not be able to trace your internet Protocol address.

Many users assume that if they have a proxy server, it is possible to prevent them from being tracked by the service provider. This is possible but often not the right way to go about it. By obstructing the normal proxy server, you are actually helping your anonymous proxy server from functioning as intended. Hence if you are using residential proxies for anonymous browsing, there are certain things that you need to understand and care for.

Although proxy servers can be useful in blocking unwanted or even harmful websites, you should not allow anyone to access your personal files such as cookies, history and other information stored in your browser. Allowing someone to manage your browsing session or accessing sensitive information such as your bank account numbers, credit card information etc. is illegal. Therefore, you should use a unique URL for each site which will prevent them from getting any idea about the real URL of your site.

You should also avoid using your proxy server as a method of bypassing security restrictions imposed on the internet. For instance, Iran internet censorship is really tight and you can easily get blocked by the blocks if you use a proxy server for Iran web surfing. Iran Internet restriction also blocks access to certain chat rooms and social networking sites as well. So, Iranians do not enjoy their online socializing or chatting over the internet like they do with their friends and families. You should make sure that your proxy server does not block these services.

Another one of the major benefits of using residential proxies is that you will be able to browse the internet privately. Many people think that public proxy servers are always insecure and slow because everyone else is also using the same one. However, this is not true in the present times. With a fast internet connection and a high-speed modem, you can enjoy a anonymous browsing experience with great advantages.

It is also possible to find good quality residential proxy servers for a reasonable price nowadays. You can either buy them from an online retailer or even buy them on auction sites like eBay or Amazon. Some proxy servers also offer free downloads. However, these may not offer a 100% buffer against hackers. They may also experience a lot of downtime.

In general proxy sites work through a system of IP address hopping. Therefore, a proxy server will assign to a particular IP address a number of users that will be able to access the internet anonymously. There is usually only one user that uses a given IP address at any one time. Therefore, if that user closes his or her browser, the proxy site will have no effect on that person’s internet activity. It will simply move on to another IP address.

Now that you know some of the good choices of how to hide your IP, you should be able to make a good decision regarding which option is the best for you. Hiding your IP is an important way to protect yourself and your privacy on the internet. It is a good choice when you want to use the internet without revealing your location or identity to everyone you meet over the web. So, you should now have a better understanding of the importance of proxy and why it is such a popular tool for browsing the web today.