There is a big difference between kosher sea salt and table salt. The former does not have any additives to soften it up, and kosher salt is made without the addition of any chemicals. But when it comes to taste and use, the differences are clear.

kosher sea salt

Most kosher sea salt is kept in glass containers in order to preserve its shelf life longer. The larger, granular granules do not lend themselves well to moist storage, so it s always better stored in open air spots. When table salt is stored for long periods, not only does it lose its crunchy properties but it also can develop a salty taste. In damp climates, open cellars can also cause clumping, so it’s not necessarily first choice for people who prefer a softer taste in their foods.

Unlike table salts, sea salts retain much of their original flavor and nutrient value because of the natural mineral content. This is one reason why kosher sea salt is better for you than regular table salt. The salt has been proven to help boost the overall health of people, even those with special dietary requirements. There are many documented cases of pregnant women taking kosher salt during pregnancy, which was shown to be safer for both the mother and the unborn baby.

Relying on kosher sea salt for your cooking needs helps ensure that your dishes retain the flavor they begin with, as well as the texture that makes them tasty. Salt is the key element in the marinade process, and using kosher sea salt allows your marinades to retain their flavor for an extended period of time. Most traditional marinades are made with ingredients that lose their flavor after a short period of time, and cooking without salt creates a moist environment in your kitchen that can promote bacteria growth. Without salt, bacteria can quickly multiply and create unpleasant flavors and aromas in your food.

Although kosher sea salt does require some preparation and clean up, the health benefits and healthier lifestyle it brings make it a worthy addition to your kitchen pantry. Rely on kosher sea salt for the flavor you want in your cooking, but don’t forget about its other attributes that make it a healthier option. You’ll find that it has a fresh, delicate flavor that goes beyond simple seasoning and makes your food taste better than it ever has before.

When shopping for kosher sea salt, it’s important to ensure that it meets the strict standards of the kosher certification agencies. These agencies monitor each batch of salt to ensure that the salt doesn’t contain any trace of an animal product or metals. Each kosher salt will meet strict guidelines set forth by these agencies, and you should choose your supplier wisely. To enjoy the health benefits and healthier eating patterns that kosher sea salt brings to your table, invest in the best you can afford.