Misses Clothing is one of the larger providers of children’s clothing. I just recently saw their new line and am quite happy with what I see.

There is no doubt that they have had some huge hits with their past kids’ lines, like Tight Jeans and Grunge Stripes. I have seen some of those styles on other kids’ lines and found them to be okay. Still, I was quite pleased to see the updated Misses Clothing clothes, especially the new Dark Plum Pink.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of Misses Clothing. Their clothing does not fit my style of childhood fashion. Not long ago, I saw a few shirts on sale at one of my favorite stores in the city and decided to buy them, thinking that they would look pretty good on my older son.

They weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but they would have been OK. I figured that since he was already into the urban and grunge fashion that he would appreciate them. After all, the clothing was not so bad, I thought. It was supposed to be a little grungier than the average kid’s clothing line.

Then I remembered that I still needed to buy him proper urban clothes for playing sports. We’ve been going to summer camps and getting him in shape for some time now, and it’s always nice to get a little excitement from our leisure time, as well.

So my daughter saw some Misses Clothing shirts in the department store where we went to get my son, and she got a kick out of them, too. She asked if she could get them for her little brother, and we purchased them.

The next day, the young man who was in charge of doing the inventory in our local store, asked me if we would be interested in getting a large shipment of Misses Clothing that day. Since we were such a large customer, he knew we would be happy to get a bulk order. He also had many of their smaller lines available.

We looked around at the bigger lines of clothing and decided to give them a try. Our son, who is now eleven, loves his new boots, and the shirt and pants are all perfect.

I think that the way this clothing company has upgraded their designs has really made them stand out, especially with the new colors, as I mentioned before. Their new “Grunge” and Dark Plum Pink look fantastic. It really makes them stand out from the rest of the competitors.

As far as brand, I don’t care for Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, so that isn’t an issue with them. I’m not sure I would choose Calvin Klein for him anyway, but it’s a good thing to see how that has improved, too. Overall, I’m very pleased with what they have to offer.

I must say that Bradford’s is my favorite. I actually never liked any of their clothing styles, except for Tight Jeans. I now know why.

The new line of Misses Clothing is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time. My son really likes the overall style, and it seems that I might go for the same look, just as a change. Please consider all this and think on it.