Black truffle salt is among the world’s most luxurious and aromatic condiments. It’s just as irresistible. Most folks, however, only come across truffle salt on a whim, and are left wanting to know what to do with truffle salt once they get it as a present. Here we have some basic truffle salt recipes that can help you to make the best use of your purchase, and give you the best in class taste as well.

black truffle salt

One of the first things you should understand about black truffle salt is that it contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium is great for our bodies because it helps to regulate muscle contraction and makes us stronger. But there’s more. Sea salts are also rich in magnesium and potassium and other trace minerals which are important to our health and energy. If you’ve never cooked with sea salts before, then this is an excellent time to start learning.

One of the things you might notice straight away is that black truffles have a really strong aroma. This comes from the sulfur content of the seeds of the truffle. Just like the name suggests, sulfur actually gives off a rotten egg smell when heated. This is actually what makes the aroma so powerful, so if you’re not a fan of rotten eggs, then you should probably skip on over these. However, if you like the smell and want a bit of something that resembles it but doesn’t quite have the pungent odor, then keep on reading.

Now that we know what makes truffles taste so good, we need to find out what makes them appealing to the palette. The texture is very soft and creamy, unlike many other kinds of food we eat on a regular basis. It’s smooth, yet has a slight crunch and slight rock salt flavor. Most black truffle salt recipes will use traditional salt for their recipe. Here’s a note about traditional salt: it’s best to avoid using table salt.

A good recipe for black truffle salt takes about an hour or two to make. You’ll need three tablespoons of dry ground sea salt, a cup of water, one tablespoon of sugar, five tablespoons of flour, and twenty four ounces of ice. Mix all of your ingredients together and let it rest for about an hour. Once it’s ready, drain off the liquid, pop the measuring cups into the freezer, and then mix the salt and water until it’s totally smooth. Put everything back into the pan and let it sit for about an additional ten minutes. After that, remove the ice and pour into bowls and then into the freezer until you are ready to serve your delicious black summer truffles.

Truffle salt gives those special truffle flavors an aroma that is unmistakable and unforgettable. But it’s not just the salt that creates that distinctive flavor. It’s the finishing touches like freshly cut fruit and crushed nuts that make the whole package come together beautifully. Black truffle salt finishes the entire process off perfectly.