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Tips on Choosing Summer Clothes

When it comes time to select new summer clothes for your wardrobe, sorting through what you have and determining what is still wearable can be a challenge. Begin by sorting your summer clothes into manageable piles and place them into separate piles. Your sorted piles may be broken down further into “fix”, “keep”, “recycle” and” toss out.” At times it is difficult to determine what goes where so be honest if you did not wear that item of clothing or outfit last summer, why would you still wear it this summer? Decide which items should remain in your wardrobe and donate the others to your friend or relatives.

You can determine what you no longer need by taking a look at the latest trends in clothing, shoes, swimsuits, hats and sunglasses. One of the hottest colors this season is undoubtedly orange and it comes in an endless array of shades, ranging from bright orange to neon and pastel. Bright orange tops are ideal for summer because they lend themselves well to accessories and fun style. This style is particularly flattering when paired with a pair of shorts.

If you are torn between two colors, you can always opt for the darker shade of orange. Cool cotton tunics are a perennial favorite in women’s fashion and are ideal for summer. If you are considering pairing a pair of shorts with a tank top, consider pairing white shorts with a solid colored tank top in the summer. Since there is such a variety of summer clothes, it is possible to easily match one outfit with another or go with an eclectic look that combines different colors and prints. For example, if you want to wear a white top with a denim skirt, pick a print that coordinates well with the white.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of choosing summer clothing, there are basically two types of clothes to consider. The first is swimming attire or bikinis. The second is your traditional bathing suit. It is no wonder that your summer wardrobe will include a pair of bikinis or a swimming suit, because you can practically wear them any time, anywhere.

In addition to wearing bikinis, you can also wear bathing suits. This summer clothing staple is also known as lounge attire and is ideal for those who prefer to lounge after spending a day at the beach or by the pool. However, it may be difficult to find bathing suits that are form fitting and do not cling to you or other clothing. If you cannot find a bathing suit that fits properly, you can always opt for one with a fitted bottom or skirts. You can also wear a bikini bottom with tights and fishnet stockings.

One of the most important things to remember is to choose materials that are cool to the touch. Although cotton, Lycra, and polyester are considering to be summer clothes, they can make you feel cold. You will want to wear lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or a blend of these materials, especially during the hot weather. Cotton, linen, and polyester should all be avoided during the summer since they can make you feel sweaty.

Another thing to consider when shopping for summer clothes is how to properly store your clothing so that it will last through the entire year. You can use a combination of plastic, cloth, and foam hangers in your closet if you have many summer clothes to bring with you. There are also storage bags available for clothing that come in handy. Storage bags are great for items such as swimsuits, shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, and even lingerie.

You can easily carry your swimsuits, summer clothes, bathing suits, or any other type of summer clothing with ease through the use of a storage bag. Some storage bags come with shoulder straps so that you can easily carry a wide variety of items. One of the best styles is a purse that has a strap that attaches to the handle of the bag. These bags make it easy to carry a variety of items and are always ready for use.