whats the fashion now

What is the New Fashion Today?

The question “What is the new fashion?” is something that I am always asked. Every single time I go out I try to look fashionable. I try to dress well and I even spend a small amount of money on my attire because I want to be fashionable. But the thing is that everyone around me seems to be dressed very dull. I have a friend that goes to college and she always seems to be dressed very poorly as well.

I suppose it’s because she is a woman and she doesn’t know what the new fashion is. Women in particular don’t care about fashion. They would rather spend their hard earned money on buying the latest cell phone or handbag than what they actually need to survive. Men though are more concerned about what’s the new fashion.

When men think about what’s the new fashion they think about the way they look. If you are a man and you don’t like your physique then you will probably focus on losing some weight. You are not alone because millions of men all over the world try to lose weight and look good. But why do they do this? Is it so that they can feel better about themselves. If that is the case then why do they fail every time they try to diet and exercise.

Another reason that women fail when it comes to what’s the latest fashion is because they have no ideas. When I was young I was never interested in fashion. I liked to play soccer and that was about it. I never saw the importance of being fashionable to most people. It seemed that the only purpose for wearing a certain outfit was for showing off some skin.

I also never thought much about what I wanted to look like as a person. Men see women all the time with amazing fashion clothes, but they never really take the time to figure out what they look like. I know that guys really want to impress their girl but what does that mean. Do they really want to dress like a girl, or is it just nice to look cool?

Its funny that men have so much pressure put on them to be like us women. Women are so easy to be influenced by. You can go from being fat and ugly to looking like a supermodel in a matter of months if you are not careful. That’s why I think its so hard for men to be self-aware.

Some men have been able to pull it off. You have someone like Brad Pitt. He looks like he wants to put a towel on his back whenever he walks out the door. Its great that he got that type of edge, but what is the new fashion for men? Why do we see so many men dressed the same way, with the same accessories, at the same events? I would like to change the perception of “men” from being completely macho to just another guy.

If you look into the marketing for brands, they are starting to market to the new generation of men. Its all about being hip, cool, and stylish. Just because a guy is muscular doesn’t mean he looks like a bodybuilder. Guys are starting to get the message that it’s OK not to have it all be about looking hard. We want to feel good about ourselves.

It has been said by some experts that women are starting to take men more seriously. With the Emo and punk movement there has been a serious change in the way men view them. Men are now looking to women as objects for sex, rather than the other way around. Its interesting to see this change, because before it used to be that way.

It is important to remember that its not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to fashion. There are plenty of men who won’t take the hype that men do. They don’t see what value there is in wearing the latest fashions. It might seem like they don’t care, but the thing is if they didn’t follow the trends, they wouldn’t be where they are. Its great that they do, because it’s healthier for them.

So, what is the new fashion for men? Its pretty fun to follow along with the guys, especially if its something we can be a part of. We should all keep an open mind and try new things, it’s a fun world!