If you’re interested in animal nutrition, DrQ is the perfect person to give you the scoop. She’s been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 20 years and has a passion for helping animals live longer and healthier lives. Her experience ranges from horse racing to dog training to emergency medicine. She also works with fish and yaks, and has been a part of various health and wellness projects.


DrQ Wellness Coaching For Life is a blog for animal lovers who are interested in holistic, natural health. It offers advice that is based on science and provides solutions to problems that pets face. DrQ is a holistic veterinarian who has extensive experience working with animals. She is a well-known animal communicator and has been featured on TV broadcasts and radio shows across 40 countries. She also has a strong interest in animal health and wellness and has worked with animals ranging from dogs and cats to fish and yaks.

Harvard Health Blog

The Harvard Health Blog is a good source for wellness news and tips. It covers a variety of topics that relate to human and animal health, including nutrition and holistic living. It also provides a more scientific perspective on health and wellness issues. In addition to health and wellness news, the blog includes popular topics on mothering, holistic parenting, and organic home products.

Yvonne DiVita

Yvonne DiVita Wellness Coach For Life is an online wellness coach who focuses on the needs of women. She is a speaker at many events, such as BlogHer, WOMMA, OMMA, and BlogPaws, and writes several blogs, including this one. Her blog, Lip-sticking, has received a number of accolades, including Forbes Woman’s Top 20 Marketing Blogs For Women, and the Online MBA’s Top Women’s Business Blogs 2010.

American Humane

American Humane is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1877 to protect animals from abuse and neglect. Today, the organization is a leading voice in the field of animal welfare and protection. Their goal is to promote humane standards of care and strengthen bonds between humans and animals. Their blog provides information and inspiration on caring for animals, and also has feel-good animal stories.

The blog includes posts from veterinary doctors, animal behaviorists, and livestock owners. You’ll also find case studies and best practices. The author’s voice comes across as a compassionate pet parent, and his writing style makes him easy to relate to. He has published two books and hundreds of articles on animal health and care.

The American Humane Rescue program has been instrumental in the lives of over a million animals in need. The organization has also helped during major natural disasters such as hurricanes Laura and Sally. In addition, their blog posts on animal welfare issues can help aspiring veterinarians learn about the importance of caring for animals.